Hailing from Portland, Oregon comes dynamic, multi-talented musician Prxscott. Officially making music for 15 years, Prxscott has been able to defy the odds, triumphing over adversities with finesse reserved for the finest emcees. Although his childhood was rough – most notably growing up with 10 siblings and several cousins in a 3 bedroom house – Prxscott didn’t let his present reality deter him from bigger dreams.

Discovering his love of music in the early 90’s via his brothers’ NWA and Eazy-E record collection, it wouldn’t be until nearly a decade later that Prxscott became certain Hip Hop was his passion and something he wanted to pursue as a career. Since then, he has hit the ground running, releasing well-received projects such as the gritty “Northeast Legends” EP & a book – “Black People In Oregon?” and it’s accompanying soundtrack, plus several features on fellow upcoming artists’ projects.

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